Enhance Your Meditation with Our Recommended Products

Meditation is commonly used in workplaces and schools to promote health, enhance concentration, and stabilize emotions. To support your mental and physical well-being, we highly recommend these products.


Recommended Candles for Meditation

1. Pure Wax Meditation Candle

Description: This candle is crafted from high-purity wax, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn of approximately 10 minutes. It is fragrance-free, making it perfect for those who prefer a neutral environment.


  • High-purity wax for a clean burn
  • Beautiful, steady flame with minimal flicker
  • Produces very little smoke and soot
  • Paired with our custom candle holder, it burns completely with no residue

2. Soot-Free Meditation Candle

Description: Designed specifically for meditation, this candle offers a pure flame that burns out in about 10 minutes. The high-quality wax ensures a smoke-free experience.


  • Pure, soot-free flame
  • No fragrance to maintain a neutral meditation space
  • High-purity wax for an optimal burning experience
  • Ideal for use with our candle holder for complete burn

3. Flicker-Free Meditation Candle

Description: This meditation candle features a steady flame that enhances focus and tranquility. The high-purity wax ensures a clean burn with no smoke or soot, lasting approximately 10 minutes.


  • Steady flame with minimal flicker
  • Fragrance-free for a neutral environment
  • High-purity wax for a clean and complete burn
  • Use with our candle holder for zero residue

Meditation Candles

Our Recommended Meditation Candles

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Recommended Incense for Meditation

ECO Takara: Earth-Friendly Incense

Description: ECO Takara is an earth-friendly incense crafted using sustainable materials like Japanese cypress and bamboo. Infused with a calming lavender scent, this incense is perfect for enhancing your meditation practice. It produces minimal smoke and ash, making it ideal for indoor use.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Calming lavender fragrance
  • Low smoke and ash
  • Supports forest conservation efforts

ECO Hikage: Tranquil Cypress Incense

Description: ECO Hikage is a tranquil incense made from pure cypress. Its refreshing scent helps create a serene atmosphere for meditation, providing a connection with nature.


  • Natural cypress fragrance
  • Promotes relaxation and focus
  • Minimal smoke
  • Sustainably sourced materials

ECO Sakura: Blossom Harmony Incense

Description: ECO Sakura features the delicate fragrance of cherry blossom, symbolizing renewal and harmony. Perfect for meditation, it creates a peaceful ambiance.


  • Cherry blossom fragrance
  • Brings a sense of tranquility
  • Minimal smoke and ash
  • Environmentally friendly
Our Recommended Incense